Basingstoke is now FREE for Linux

Hey everybody. We've decided to make Basingstoke FREE for Linux, and over the coming months when I get a bit of time, I'm going to upload all our other games to too, and they'll be FREE for Linux as well. All donations gratefully accepted of course. 

And don't forget to take a look at our Patreon. Games don't write themselves! We're on the scrounge for peanuts, hoping to scrape together enough cash to make Battledroid.

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that is fun game, cheers

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Makes perfect sense, Linux users are big fans of PWYW and tend to be generous as a result. Happy to be an owner of every Puppy Game!

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Otimo jogo, super recomendo, realmente um bom trabalho, Muito obrigado pela versão para Linux! :)


Thank you for supporting linux :D. Full price it is!

Very good! \o/


Amazing. I already bought it on Steam but nice to have it in my library as well. <<3

Just out of curiosity, what were the reason for making the games available for free on Linux? =)


Just because we could, and it wouldn't cost us anything. Going to put all our other games up here too when I find the time.

Wow; that's incredibly generous of you!

Thanks so much!!